Efthymios Kyprianou Strength & Conditioning Coach

In 2016 Efthymios Kyprianou created the

EK Sports Performance Center


The center's mission is to simply & effectively improve every trainee's performance



EKSP is powered by Efthymios Kyprianou along with a team of qualified professionals in the field of fitness & sports, both in Cyprus and abroad.


Andreas Evagorou BSc, MSc
Personal Trainer / Group Exercise Leader
General Manager

Dr Tymvios Charis

Stephanos Matsoukas
Nutritionist at ChangeEat

Andreas Michael
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 

Elias Paroutis

Eleana Liasidou
Nutritionist at ChangeEat


Your fitness formula starts here.

The EKSP Excellence Formula is a fully personalized and comprehensive training & nutritional regimen based on each and every trainee or athlete's assessment and needs.  

Each cycle spans three months and includes nutritional and psychological consulting along with the training program. Each training session consists of three core sections. The EKSP Excellence Formula is specially designed for both fitness enthusiasts (Fitness) as well as professional athletes (Sports). 


Need Analysis

a) Trainee Interview
b) Physical Assessment
c) Psychological & Nutritional Assessment
d) Blood Testing

Program Design

An inclusive program is created, based on Need Analysis Results.
The program consists of:
a) A Training Program
b) Nutritional Consultation
c) Psychological Consultation


The Intervention is conducted by qualified strength and conditioning coaches at the EKSP Center using the latest technology in the field of fitness.


a) Re-Assessment
b) Target Achievement
c) Goal Setting 


EK Sports Performance and Exercise Never Stops present INFINIFIT

INFINIFIT is an individualized group training program. Each trainee undergoes a series of performance assessment tests and based on the results of those tests, a suggested number and type of training sessions per week are planned. Each INFINIFIT trainee works towards the achievement of their fully personalized and individualized goals.

INFINIFIT is a concept by Andreas Evagorou (Exercise Never Stops) one of the most qualified Personal Trainer / Group Exercise Leaders in Limassol and is backed by the scientific expertise in the field of sports performance and fitness of Efthymios Kyprianou


A circuit training compound, based on the principles of functional training. This class is all about giving you a hell of a boost to start your week.

Strength & Conditioning
This is what our gym is all about. A mix of strength exercises combined with endurance elements. Train like an athlete in this one-hour session!

A suspension training workout based on TRX‘s Group Training System. A totally different training approach that takes workouts to the next level.

Spin & Lift
Our brand new class! A strength & cardio interval fitness experience that provides a full body, high-intensity, one-hour workout that is both effective and fun. It pairs weight lifting and spinning cardio routines. Tone your muscles, maximize fat loss, and increase your metabolism with this workout.

An ass kicking 30min cardio session. The best way to kick into the weekend. Be glad is not longer.