Camel Meriem

French Footballer
I have worked with many trainers in my course. Efthymios has made a difference for me and helped me maintain a high level with his training methods. He stands out from the crowd by how knowledgeable he is and by how he individually treats each player.



Fotis Papoulis  

Greek Footballer
During the time I was working with Efthymios, I have had some of my best seasons. I consider him to be one of the best trainers I have ever worked with, besides whatever he does is bound to succeed.



Christos Karipidis

Greek Footballer
It was a great pleasure working with you. Our collaboration was impeccable, you were always by my side in everything I needed and you alarms paid attention to detail. What made you different from the rest was how dedicated you are to what you do. It was a very full year from many aspects. I wish you all the best.



Mathieu Coutadeur

French Footballer
I enjoyed working with Efthymios. He is extremely professional and effective with his work. I went back to 100% of my physical fitness level, just eight months after being injured thanks to his training methods in all cardio, stretching & strengthening routines. A big thank you. 



Tano Solari

Argentinian Footballer

I had the pleasure of working with Efthymios in my career when I was coming back from a difficult injury and I remember that he helped me a lot. I ended up scoring 7 goals in 11 games over my pass at Apollon and then becoming first scorer in the Greek SuperLeague. Thank you for your support my friend.